Hello!  My name is Valerie Zapien and I am the Founder of Full Potential Career Connections.  My Master's degree in Curriculum, Instructional and Educational Psychology and my years of professional experience in working in social services, education, mental health and with the Chamber of Commerces in business and marketing have prepared me well to help guide individuals in career advancement and  businesses in workforce development, marketing and profitability. 

As job seekers, I am prepared to help you figure out what the ideal job is for you, how to help you make your resume stand out, help find the best interview outfit and to help you perfect your interview answers.   I will help you land your dream job! 

For business owners, I am prepared to help you set your business life up for success.  With an effective system and team in place, your business will attract more consumers, provide better customer service, retain your employees and generate more revenue. 

As a psychologist, wife, mom and workaholic, I know how critical and difficult it is to lead a balanced life. I would love to help you make your business and personal life healthier. Full Potential is a small business and every client matters.   We plan to stay that way, on purpose!

So, whether you are looking to become socially fresh through social media marketing, you need more balance between work and play or if you are tired of not pursuing and living your dreams because you are working too hard or too much.  I can help you.  No worries!  This is your first step toward achieving your full potential! I will help you create a creative marketing campaign and put your best team in place to implement it so that you can go on vacation. 


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