Coaching Services

I am committed to helping individuals find their purpose in life.   A lot of time a sense of spirituality or void is felt as we journey through various stages of our life.  If you have lost your sense of self or purpose due to the aging process, a new phase in life such as becoming a mom or feel like you are suffering from a mid-life crisis, I would like to help you find a quicker way to discover your soul and identity.  Text or email me.  I would love to talk to you.

Group Coaching Sessions

Please email me with ideas and topics you would be interested in participating in.


If you are interested in attending a workshop for resume assistance, interview skills, time management, confidence, soul searching, or career path discovery, please email me.  

Consulting Services

Web Design Services

  • Custom Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • E-Commerce Web Design (Sales and Donations)
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Third Party Application Integration

Project-based advertising/marketing

  • Videography, photography, editing and posting
  • Create newsletters and advertising pieces
  • Create blog content
  • Branding
  • Create social media accounts, editorial calendars and content

Website Examples


Coaching and Tips on Networking

  • Attend networking events on behalf of clients
  • Work with local media, Chamber's, school districts and governing bodies
  • Walk and talk (brainstorming options and creating plans and elevator pitches)

Systems Organization/Human Resources

  • Create appropriate systems and follow up on implementation
  • Educate and train individuals and the whole team
  • Hold people accountable
  • Following the law
  • Facilitate focus groups and conflict resolution
  • Facilitate performance evaluations and counseling sessions
  • Recruit, interview, hire and train the right team members
  • Create policies and procedure manuals
  • Contract negotiation
  • Research options
  • Create work, exercise, eating and relaxation calendars
  • Do you feel good about yourself?--Image Consulting--How can we make you look and feel good so that you represent your business brand well?
  • Do your staff promote you and your business?
  • Let me train you on how to hire the right staff
  • Don't know where to start?  Don't have the time?  Don't have the money?--You need systems organization--Let's put a plan together

Training Topics available (able to customize for your audience).  I love these!!!


  • Social Media Marketing--Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+
  • Branding--Logos, Image, Presentation, Website, Social Media, and Networking
  • Web Presence--Content Management Systems and Search Engine Optimization
  • Traditional Advertising and Marketing--Billboards, Newspapers, Magazines, Directories, Programs, and Sponsorships
  • Importance of Videos, Blogs and Pictures in Advertising
  • Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies
  • What is Effective Customer Service?
  • How to be Mobile Friendly
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Personalities in the Workplace
  • How to Build Relationships Through Public Relations, Networking, and Coalition Building
  • How to Provide Great Customer Service
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • Typical Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learns

Direct services

  • Customized trainings
  • I am a great link to local resources--been there, done that!
  • Event planning--I can help you organize and advertise a successful event
  • Networking representative--I can go to networking meetings for you and with you to show you how it's done
  • Social media and mobile optimized website creation, planning and maintenance--I can help you create customized content
I am passionate about donating and volunteering in my community, especially regarding education and health.
— Valerie



  • $30 per hour

On-Site Meetings, Speaking Events, Trainings, and Phone Calls

  • $55 per hour
  • $40 for nonprofits

Remote Services

  • $50 per hour
  • $35 for nonprofits

Speaking and Trainings for Nonprofits

$55 per hour, plus travel

Mobile Optimized Website Design

  • Starting at $1,500 for businesses
  • Starting at $750 for nonprofits

Non-Business Related Coaching Prices

Understanding financial stress, I will work with you to find a fair way of compensation for my services.  Please do not let money stop you from getting the help you need to live a happy life.