Career Connections provides it's clients with personalized staffing services to make the process of hiring hassle-free and efficient. Your specific needs will be satisfied by utilizing our services. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and superior screening techniques. Before an applicant is placed, we have conducted a personal interview, completed skills assessments, obtained at least two positive employment references, and completed appropriate background checks at your request (criminal, credit, drug screen and/or driving depending on your needs). 


When you wish to place a job posting, we will discuss the position with you in great detail. We will ask about the skills and training required, the types of people who have been successful in this position in the past and those who have not, your future expectations for the employee and any other information you think pertinent.

We begin our search in our own files, with the applicants who have already been screened and interviewed. If we do not already have the perfect match, we will run classified ads and use other methods of recruitment to seek out new applications. We are discreet; you will remain anonymous in our recruiting efforts and discussions with candidates until you have decided to meet with them.  Unless you give us permission to advertise with your business name.  If you prefer to advertise the position yourself and then pass the pile of resumes you receive onto us for screening, we are happy to handle it that way as well. 

Every applicant, whether already on file, recruited by additional advertising, or referred to us by you, goes through the same screening process. We then present you with detailed information on each of the most qualified candidates in a format that makes them easy to compare.

After you have reviewed the candidates and decided which, if any, you want to interview, we can make all the arrangements for you.  You make the final choice and have full control over all salary and benefits negotiations. We will handle the final task of notifying any unsuccessful applicants.


  • Avoid the expense of classified advertising.
  • Save time by not having to sift through unqualified applicants yourself.
  • Save time involved in checking references.
  • Enjoy the benefits of our extensive screening and testing procedures.
  • Enjoy total confidentiality.
  • Take advantage of our database of applicants already screened and on file.
  • Meet with only those applicants who satisfy your requirements.