The Big 4-0! How Stress and Sugar Harm You and Your Business


I've always wanted to be a mommy blogger!  I like the idea of being able to vent publically and by chance, inspire or teach someone, somewhere, what NOT to do BEFORE they actually make the same mistakes.   I just never had a website to do it.  And although, I may be mixing business and personal life, I feel like if you are going to hire me, you need to know and agree with what I value.  Besides, if you hire me, you will definitely be hearing REAL stories about why you need to implement the plans I lay out for your business.

So, anyway, I turn 40 years old this year and I am definitely experiencing lots of mixed thoughts. I am determined to straighten some things out!   Here are a couple of the lessons I have learned.  I will probably add to this list as the days go by and I get into a rhythm of balancing my clients' projects with my own business priorities.  Hopefully, anyway!!  That's the ultimate goal.  I also hope to begin video blogging because I dream big, what the heck!

The first lesson I would like to publicly share is that I have FINALLY, TRULY realized I need to stop worrying and stressing about things.  I mean SERIOUSLY!  It really doesn't do ANYONE any good.  Not you, your husband, your kids, your friends or your co-workers.  No one wants to be around stressed out, worry warts.  I aspire to be more like my husband and son, worry free (lol).

One reason why worrying less has really hit me hard in the middle of the head is because I discovered that stress is actually the cause of most physical and emotional ailments.  So, I have had to make a few changes in my life to alleviate some stress.  One surprising change I have made, is going from thinking I had to run for exercise, to walking.  Granted, I became better at running in my 30s, than I ever have in my entire life. I used to dread going to do it because of the pressure I put on myself to improve each time.  Let's face it, there is a limit to how fast a person can run and for how long!!!!  I was going to cap out eventually and I was injuring myself and stressing out about it every day.  Let me note that I have never been an athlete, ever in my entire life.  I first began working out in college when I was forced to take 4 PE credits.  I need you to realize, I am in better shape than I have been in my entire life.  You can definitely improve with age.  Inspirational, right?  I hope so!  Sounds like a blog idea....

Fortunately, my nurse practitioner at Wiseman Family Practice made me realize, I didn't need to run to maintain a weight I could be satisfied with.  Notice I didn't say "ideal" weight because everyone knows we are never truly happy with our weight.  One might wonder why was I going to a doctor?  Hmm...good question...because I was feeling down, foggy and tired A LOT.  I thought I was depressed and didn't understand why I could be, considering I had a great husband, healthy kids and awesome job.  Sound familiar?  Hypothyroid.  Yep!  I have it!  Come to find out stress worsens hypothyroid.  In essence, my running along with many other nutrition and lifestyle behaviors was actually causing me to start gaining weight.  Sounds like another important blog idea.

The second big lesson I would like to share with you is that if I could go back into time, I would have not eaten nearly as much SUGAR as I did as a kid and young adult.  Which means, you guessed it, why I am on a mission to campaign against SUGAR.  It starts with my own family and then goes into the schools that I volunteer in and all of the other opportunities I get to have an audience.  I am passionately against SUGAR! 

Oh yeah, and then reality kicks in!  Anyone who knows me, knows I am highly addicted to sugar and it is extremely difficult for me to say no to it.  I was raised on sugar, fast food and processed foods.  I am far from in control of my sugar addiction.  It is literally like crack to me.  So, do m e a favor, don't offer it to me and for goodness sake, don't give me a hard time for actually being strong and saying no to it.  There is nothing worse than being made fun of for actually making good behavior choices.  Like at social gatherings when you chose not to drink or eat desert.  I have had people, not friends; ridicule me for not eating and drinking.  If they only knew how difficult it was for me not to do it.  If they only knew how I went home and binged that evening because I couldn't stop thinking about it.   Yes, we all struggle with something.  Mine is sugar.  Maybe people will be nicer to me now.  Perhaps this blog will save my soul!

Until recently, I had no idea how much sugar ages you.  This is the main reason I have decided to start an anti-sugar campaign.  Let's face it. As time goes on and your kids require less of your direct attention, you are suddenly able to begin doing things YOU enjoy.  I starting reading books I actually like again.  YES, I am a big nerd and I enjoy scientific books.  So, I usually check out health and fitness related books from the local libraries.  A few months ago, I read YOU Staying Young:  The Owner's Manual to Extending Your Warranty by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. They explain, scientifically, what sugar actually does to your body.  Believe me, when you understand it, you might actually THINK before you eat it.  I don't even call sugary things food anymore.  They should not qualify as food.  I am conditioning myself to call sugar, POISON. 

However, as we all know, habits are hard to break.  My many courses in psychology have reinforced the concept that finding healthy habits to replace your negative habits is the key to successful behavioral change!  Unfortunately, we live in a culture that makes it extremely difficult (inconvenience, peer pressure and cost) to practice healthy habits.  So, those are the two big lessons I am sharing with you today.  And let's face it folks, if you don't feel good physically and emotionally, how do you expect to run a successful business.  More to come....

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Wiseman Family Practice has not paid me to promote them.  Over the past few years, they have really helped me figure out my hormonal imbalances and how to treat them in the most natural and permanent way.  I am very grateful for them.  As an advocate for education and communication around health and wellness topics, I always go out of my way to market good people and businesses.  I wholeheartedly endorse Wiseman Family Practice.