24 Interesting Things about Valerie Zapien!

24 Interesting Things about Valerie Zapien!

I am the first generation in my family to go to college.

I secretly still want my Ph.D.  I was enrolled in a Ph.D. program but stopped after receiving my Master's degree in order to have my first child.

My parents divorced when I was 8 years old and I was raised by my dad in a trailer house.

I am a total night owl, so I stay up late and like to sleep in the morning after I take my kids to school.

I am half Mexican American.

I used to binge eat Blue Bell ice cream.  I am in total withdrawal because it's not on the shelves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get very grumpy when I don't exercise regularly.

I grew up a Baptist and I am a Christian who loves to do yoga and meditate.

I was never in athletics in school.  I started working out in college when I had to take 4 PE credits.

I have a HUGE birthmark on the side of my belly.  No one ever gets to see it except for my husband and daughter.

I have lived with my husband longer than I have lived with anyone else in my life.

I have to use a calculator to do simple math.

I am constantly searching for the meaning of life and my calling.

I speak French better than I do Spanish and Texan.

I love my heels, running shoes and cowgirl boots equally!

I love cats and I am allergic to them.

I pretty much always cry when someone else starts crying, especially at the movie theater.

I have a herniated disk in my back and the neurosurgeon told me I would never be able to run again.  I showed him!

My mommy is the best grandmother in the whole world, in my opinion.

I hate seafood!

I hate monotony.

I have lived in Liberty Hill, Texas longer than I have lived anywhere else.

My kids are my everything.

My husband truly is my best friend.  That's why I torture him so much.