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10 Reasons Why Branding Yourself May Strengthen Your Business

10 Reasons Why Branding Yourself May Strengthen Your Business

Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, even if it may put heat and pressure on you as a business owner. As a business owner, creating the following petition helps brand me as a person who cares and is actively involved in my children’s lives and my community.  I walk the walk.

There is much research indicating the more PE time our kids have in school, the better their academic performance, self esteem and discipline will be.  Therefore, I believe it is critical for our schools to implement PE everyday.  I also believe that parents should play an active partnership role in decision-making in the health programming of our schools.  

I recently created a petition urging our schools to not reduce PE from 5 to 3 days in our elementary schools.  Besides the obviously problem of reducing PE, is the underlying problem that the schools did not allow parents to be a part of conversation when determining they needed to reduce PE time.  Even more disturbing than that, parents were not made aware of the safety issues due to overcrowding in the schools in the first place. 

All Texas schools are mandated to have a Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC), made of a majority of parent representatives, which participate in health related curriculum decisions. I am a SHAC member and SHAC was not informed of any upcoming changes or issues in our schools prior to this petition. Texas mandates parental involvement for two reasons:  to hold schools accountable and to ensure that community values are instilled in school health and wellness programming.

By taking this risk and initiating this petition many positive results occurred.  1).  It prompted our school administrators to have a parent meeting.  2).  Administrators got creative and initiated other forms of structured play and movement in the classrooms to substitute for the deleted PE minutes.  3).  The petition gained publicity from the local newspaper, which interviewed the school administrators and some of us parents on the issue and allowed further communication to occur.  4).  The petition brought parents together who approached the School Board of Trustees regarding the issue.  This made the board aware of the issue and educated them on SHAC and it’s responsibilities.  5). The petition prompted the SHAC Executive Board to immediately and actively solicit parent members.  6).  SHAC immediately scheduled regularly occurring SHAC meetings for the next upcoming year, in advance.  7).  SHAC immediately solicited parental and community involvement in the planning process for the 2nd Liberty Fit Festival (a community wide event).  8).  This petition also created a platform for the School Superintendent to write an article for the newspaper explaining the future building of an additional elementary school 9). The petition also created an opportunity for the  Superintendent to launch a campaign proposing an election bond to fund the new school. 10).  Most importantly, it made parents realize they need to be actively involved in their children’s education and it created a unified voice for them to stand up for future issues!

I would describe this petition as success!  As a result of my calculated business and personal risk, our children will maintain their good health because parents stood up for their best interest.  Parent involvement and communication has been opened and hopefully, administration and teachers will see that parent and school collaboration is a good, healthy process! 

As a business owner, this petition helps brand me as a person who cares and is actively involved in my children’s lives and my community.  I walk the walk. Therefore, you can trust that as my future client, I will do what is right for you too. 

You should become a parent representative for SHAC too!

To download a SHAC member application, click here.


All meetings will be held at the new LHISD Administration Building, 301 Forrest St., from 6:30 pm until 8 pm.

SHAC Mandatory Orientation Meetings (You must attend one of the following meetings Only, if you plan to become an official SHAC member.)

Tuesday, July 14

Thursday, July 23

Regular SHAC Meeting

Wednesday, August 19th - REGULAR SHAC Meeting

Liberty Fit Festival Planning Committee Meetings

Wednesday, September 23rd - Physical Education

Wednesday, November 18th - Child Nutrition

Wednesday, February 17th - School Safety

Wednesday, April 20th - Health and Wellness

If you are interested in forming a parent advocacy group for Liberty Hill, please sign up at the bottom of page www.fullpotentialbusinessconsulting.com/libertyfit/.

7 Tips for Achieving Balance in Your Life Now!

*Tip 1

One tool I use with my clients to achieve balance is walk and talk.  We go for a walk outside to brainstorm and discuss plans for your business.  This allows us be productive with our work, exposes us to fresh air and Vitamin D, and serves as exercise.  If we don't physically feel well, our business will never achieve its full potential and neither will we.

*Tip 2

Actually plot out the number of hours you want to spend each day doing specific tasks.  For example, I want to sleep 7 hours a night.  I need to exercise and get ready for the day, 2 hours.  I need to eat meals, 1 hour.  I need to run errands and take kids to extracurricular activities, 3 hours.  I need to work, 6 hours.  I need to spend quality time with my kids, 1 hour.  I need to spend quality time with my husband, 1 hour.  I need to get kids ready for bed and clean house,  2 hours.  I need time to myself to do whatever relaxes me, 1 hour.  This equals 24 hours.

*Tip 3

Take a sub-lingual B12 supplement, twice a day, instead of drinking caffeine for energy.  I lied.  I drink caffeine too.

*Tip 4

Buy a HydroFlask water bottle off Amazon.com.  Believe me, it will be the best water bottle you will ever find and is well worth the $40 investment.  The water tastes so great because it stays cold.  If you are like me, you need water to be cold in order to enjoy drinking it!

*Tip 5

Listen to podcasts on your phone, if you don't have a walking buddy.  You can actually listen to free trainings about social media or anything you are interested in while you are exercising.  The podcasts usually have show notes you can download too, so you don't have to worry about writing anything down.

*TIP 6

Stretch.  As I have aged, I have come to realize, my body works a lot better, if I stretch after exercising everyday.  I do it while I watch something I have recorded on tv or while I look at Facebook or my emails on my phone.  My cat loves to cuddle with me when I am sweaty for some reason!!

*TIP 7

Give back to your community.  We all have a gift and/or passion.  Share it with the people in your community.


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The Best Marketing Tool is....

Business owners might hope that there is a special app or social media platform or consultant they can hire that will magically and successfully market your business.  However, the key to growing your business is revealed in this article.